Pardon the dust?

I’m playing around with the theme of the site.  I enjoy doing things live here since at work basically nothing can be done live.  I get to live dangerously for once!

So if you see colors and backgrounds change from one visit to the next, don’t be surprised.

In other news, I bought a workbench top drill press today.  Let’s see what kind of trouble I can get into with that.  My wife has concerns.  It’s a vital piece to operation “build my own saloon doors” (more on that in a future post).  I can’t drill a hole straight to save my life and that project is going to depend on it.

Stay tuned…


If you’re looking for the content previously hosted here (and elsewhere before that), it is gone.  Not that anyone ever really reads this.  I’ve decided to reboot this blog and start fresh.

What does that mean?  I actually want to try and grow this site to a certain extent but kind of felt like the old content held me down a little since it was all so unfocused and rambling.

I plan on using this site more like tumblr, sharing fun things I find amusing or interesting around the web and short little posts about whatever might be on my mind.  The point being, I want all posts to be much more short and to the point.  I don’t plan on limiting myself as far as word counts go, if I have something longer to say then I’ll say it.  However, expect most things to only be a couple hundred words or so at the most.

Anyhow, stay tuned for more!